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LA Roadrunners Coaching Staff

The Roadrunners are led by wonderful mentors whose focus is to ensure that you cross that finish line in March 2006 with a smile on your face. Along the way, they guide you and provide the encouragement to get you ready for one of the most memorable days of your life.



Rod Dixon

Dixon, who is Director of Coaching for Devine Racing, plans to offer "professional marathon training for the everyday athlete" by bringing in experts in such specialized areas as sports medicine, podiatry and nutrition, along with world coaches and other legendary elite marathon runners.

Dixon won a bronze medal in the 1972 Olympic 1500m, two bronze medals in 1973 and 1982 in the World Cross-Country Championships, two gold medals in the 1995 World Masters Championships, and was the winner of the 1983 New York City Marathon.


Pat Connelly

Coach Pat Connelly has consistently pursued personal growth and service to others as a retired Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant, a U.S. Navy veteran, an accomplished runner, an innovative Coach, and boundless motivator and speaker.  Pat Connelly’s quest to guide others in improving the quality of their lives is a race he has run for many years and is one race he believes has no finish line.

As a runner, Pat Connelly has completed 48 marathons with a personal best of 2:32.  Medals and honors followed him through his collegiate years.  Success as a member of the National Champion Southern California Striders and the 1964 Olympic Trials for the 10,000 meters were proud moments for Pat Connelly.  His love of running continued during his 30 year career as a Los Angeles Police Officer where he participated in twelve International Police and Fire Games and set five new records in the 800, 1500, 5,000, 10,000 meters and the Marathon.  His 1972 time of 2.36:32 in the marathon is still a record. 

Just as his running career began on a high school track in Los Angeles so did his coaching roots.  Pat began honing his coaching techniques in the late 1960’s in a high school coaching career that lead to 16 Los Angeles Cross Country City Championships over 20 years.  In the 90’s, Pat coached the cross country and distance track teams at UCLA and USC.  During those years his teams won and placed in PAC-10 Championships and were ranked in the Top 10 in the NCAA.  He earned the Nike Arthur Lydiard Award - Voted L.A.’s Best - Coach of The Year – 2005. His LAPD Baker to Vegas Relay teams has won numerous team titles.

Pat Connelly’s success as a coach reaches beyond the competitive arena and includes guiding thousands of amateur runners through marathons around the world.  He has taken over 27,000 runners from “Novice to Natural” during the last 16 years, generating an astounding 99.0% finishing rate with an average of 48% being first-time marathoners.  His published book on running is titled, “Go the Distance”.  Pat married his high school classmate Joan Jeffus 39-years ago and they have two daughters, Kerry, Christina, son in law Chip and grandson Brady Patrick Adams.  Their home is in Valencia, California. 



Bob Hickey

For the past 15 years Coach Bob Hickey has been the walking coach for the Roadrunners. He is a former race walker and distance coach with the AAU, TAC, and USA Track & Field.  Bob is a retired Sergeant from the LAPD, who truly believes that service to the Community is integral to a healthy and successful society. He was a member of the LAPD’s relay team that successfully completed three major runs across the country, and he was one of the runners who set a Guinness Book world record run of 3,871.6 miles in a little over 19 days.

Gary Deitsch

Paceleader Captain Gary Deitsch brings an extensive running, coaching and professional business background to the LA Roadrunner pace leader corps.

Gary started his coaching career in 1964 after serving in the U.S. Army and completing his Master Degree in Physical Education at Pepperdine University. After teaching and coaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District for several years, Gary entered into his family business were he eventually progressed to the position of President at Westrim Crafts, Inc. CEO Gary Deitsch while using his coaching and leadership talents made his business one of the most successful in the United States.

After many years of a sedentary life, Gary turned to getting back into shape running. He started training for a marathon and obtained the services of running coach Pat Connelly. He has since run twelve marathons. In 1994 he joined the LA Roadrunners and completed his first LA Marathon. 1999 found him serving as the first Pace Leader Captain for the LARR Training Program. His leadership coupled with the efforts of his partner, Paceleader Captain Ken Murphy, help guide the LARR program to it's current reputation and making it the outstanding marathon pace group training in the country.

Gary is married to his wife of thirty-five years, Barbara. Barabara is also an accomplished marathon runner and LARR Paceleader. They have two daughters, Dr. Laurie Lazarou and U.C. Berkley student Lindsey (2001 Pace Leader). Son-in-law Nick Lazarou is also a second year LARR Paceleader. The Deitsch family has run an accumulation of 28 marathons.


Barbara Deitsch

Barbara has been involved with the L.A. Roadrunner's for the past 10 years and has been a paceleader with both Groups 10 and 11 for the past 6 years.  She has run 10 marathons, 4 of which were L.A. and 2 Boston.  She has been chairman of our after-marathon party for the past 3 years and will do so again in 2006.
This year Barbara will be Coach of our Run/Walk program and is looking forward to a great year. 
Barbara got involved in running because she got tired of waiting around for Gary to finish his marathons and decided she would join him. 
Besides running, Barbara plays tennis, loves to travel on her boat and enjoys reading.  She is the wife of Gary, one of the LARR coaches and lives in Woodland Hills.  She and Gary have 2 daughters and one little grandson, Alex.  Both their daughters, Laurie and Lindsey and Laurie's husband, Nick, are all marathon runners. 


Lindsey Goldbloom

Lindsey Goldbloom joined the LA Roadrunner program in August 2001 as a participant.  After completing her first Marathon in the 2002 Los Angeles Marathon, she decided she wanted to play a more vital role in the LARR walking program and approached Coach Hickey with her ideas.  Under her leadership, the Walking program has expanded from two to six pace groups and increased the membership with an impressive number of walkers.  She has trained with Race Walking coaches Bob Hickey and Elaine Ward to improve her technique and she inspires and teaches her fellow Roadrunners to improve as well.

Lindsey is married to Jeff Goldbloom (not the actor) and they have two boys, Noah and Alex.  She has a B.A. from UCLA.  Lindsey represents buyers and sellers of residential real estate. 

Lindsey's dedication and leadership combined with her magnetic personality has contributed to the make the LA Roadrunners' Walking program the elite program it is today.



Salya Mohamedy

Salya enthusiastically joined the Los Angeles Roadrunners in 1994 to train for the 1995 Los Angeles Marathon and check off "run a marathon" from her "must do" list. Eleven years and nineteen marathons later, she is still heavily involved with the running world. To give back to the sport and to the Roadrunners, she served as a Pace Leader for Group 6 for three years and as Senior Pace Leader for two of those years.

During the 2004/2005 season, Salya was promoted to Pace Leader Captain/Coach and was in charge of the Run Only and Run/Walk Pace Leaders. She is looking forward to concentrating on the Run Only program during the 2005/2006 season and is committed to elevating the Roadrunners program to a higher level.

In 2002, Salya along with seven Pace Leaders and Coach Pat Connelly created the Los Angeles Running Club to serve the running community during the off-season from Roadrunners. She served as the President of the Board in 2003/2004 and currently chairs the Public Relations Committee.

Salya attended the University of Southern California and is a huge fan of Trojan Football. She also enjoys traveling off the beaten path, good books, great music, tennis and professional football. She is a gourmet chef in her own kitchen and loves to create fancy desserts. Along with achieving her personal goals in life, she is committed to volunteer work and outreach programs in the Southern California community.


Ken Murphy

Ken Murphy started running when a depth perception problem interfered with tennis playing.  After watching his younger sister finish the 1996 L.A. Marathon, he decided that age 60 was the time to see if he could do it.  Ken signed up with L.A. Roadrunners to train for the 1997 L.A. Marathon and has been a Roadrunner ever since. 

Ken was one of the first group of pace leaders in 1999.  He has been a Pace Leader captain since the 2002 training season. 

Ken attended the Loyola High School in Los Angeles, Santa Clara University in the Bay Area, and received his law degree from USC.  He served three years in active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps, leaving the service as a captain.  He has been a practicing attorney in Los Angeles since 1964.

Ken maintains a full schedule of professional activities.  Running provides exercise, discipline and a release from the tensions of a competitive and contributive life.  Training with the Roadrunners has meant involvement with people who share life values of camaraderie, commitment and compassion.  It has been and remains the best kind of community. 

Ken lives in Santa Monica with his wife, Kitty.  Two married children reside away from Southern California, along with grandchildren, Reilly, Megan and Quinn Murphy.

Ken has run in 11 marathons, the most recent being the 2004 Boston Marathon.  Age group concessions have been kind; he has medaled in several 5 and 10k races.





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